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This month's tips are here (password protected for subscribers only).

Unique Experience

These selections are overseen by RewardBet's Inventor, and supported by a team of analysts, who has been involved in the Australian wagering industry since 1986.

>>> Look at our Hall Of Fame to see a snapshot of what we achieve.

Besides being a wagering innovator (his team built the first Internet Betting site in the world; he consulted to Betfair's founder; he's been awarded multiple wagering patents), he has also been dealing with many of Australia's major punters for decades and betting most days as well. 

Being in the industry, he was well aware of the multitude of "tipping sites" and knew many of the people behind them. Besides a few, most of these tipsters didn't even back the selections themselves and often inflated their results with back-fitted scenarios and relied on a continuous churn of new punters to keep themselves viable. 

He also saw everyone adopt an approach that did nothing to educate punters about what they were doing wrong and increase their betting knowledge. 

Being RewardBet's inventor - he's also acutely aware of what a vital role, indeed - the most important role - that staking has in determining if a punter is a winner or loser.

These selections have been available to a group of over 140 people who signed up to them via RewardBet's website in early 2018.

That group allowed him to fine-tune his analysis and publishing methods (it's a lot different betting for yourself a few minutes before a race compared to providing winning selections hours before a race knowing that many people are relying on you to deliver for them).

They are now available to a limited number of people on a subscription basis with an opportunity also for a free month if you're a RewardBet Premium subscriber

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What horse races do you cover?

We are quite selective and we eliminate many races based on risk, lack of form depth, track condition, and other 'dodgy things' that only come with a lot of experience - so there's generally between one and a few races covered a day (with our multiple picks using RewardBet) plus a number of single value selections which seek value.

But overall we will consider most meetings in the country as a starting point, and then eliminate races from there to come up with our selections. 

2. What days is the service available?

The minimum subscription is "monthly" and that is designed to provide selections at least on 20 days a month. However, we do tip most days but as we don't bet on very wet tracks (heavy 8 or worse tracks) generally unless we find horses very suited to the race conditions. 

3. What makes this service different to the hundreds of other tipsters out there?

We understand that many punters bet for involvement and excitement as well as trying to make a little extra.

Some tipsters tip favourite after favourite and that can become a little dull especially when the inevitable run-of-outs occurs. 

We provide a range of selections that provide the high strike rate returns (our BBs or best bets) plus many, many selections at $5 and higher, often well into the double digits.

Additionally, we take advantage of RewardBet at times to extract extra value about selections via exotics. Look through our Hall Of Fame for some good examples there.

Furthermore, we utilise the secret methods of "Mr Pretium" who has been finding value winners for years without ever reading a form-guide! Often we'll be on runners whom no-one else has tipped, which can provide a much more exciting experience!

Finally, we attempt to educate you as well. We review our day, explain what worked and didn't and try to provide the 30 years of insights that only working in the wagering industry can provide to you. 

It's easy to pick a winner - anyone can do that ... but you also have to stake and weigh-up risk and returns and exploit the best opportunities.

Read our methodology for more insights. 

4. I'm a small $10 punter, is this service for me?

You should be realistic about your profit expectations. The best punters win 10% or a little more on turnover, so a $10 punter isn't betting necessarily to make a living. 

What you do enjoy though is the excitement of racing, the thrills and challenges of horse racing and any extra return at the end of a day is a real bonus. We don't shy away from exotics and a $10 punter has a great chance of snagging exotics using our suggestions.

However, as you can see in our Hall Of Fame, we have had many days of big profits which is what it's all about.

5. Do You Provide A Profit Guarantee?

Better than that! ALL subscribers to the Active Punter Plan receive our Bad Day Guarantee (BDG). If we have a losing day, you have our Bad Day Guarantee backing you up.

This entitles you to early access to our professional overlays (value selections) for the next day's racing. 

This information is like gold! It gives you a chance to get ahead of the professionals and take a march on the best prices - you can then lock in that value or trade it off on an exchange for a guaranteed profit. 

Here is an example of our overlays.  

6. Is Membership Limited?

It certainly is! We expect to close membership in the coming weeks to protect the interests of our current customers. 

You'll Learn Invaluable Advice

We will not just throw tips at you and leave you to work out how to stake them. That's what brings most punters undone!

We will carefully illustrate the way that we will be betting them (yes, we actually BET our selections - sounds crazy, but most tipsters don't because their selections lose!).

And after the day, we'll also highlight the lessons that we learnt and that will stand with you to dramatically improve your punting. 

Some of the things our subscribers are already learning in the first month:

  • Importance of being aware of Weather and impact on later races,

  • How to use the market to help you save your bet in case it loses,

  • Why the mounting yard is so important,

  • Which bookies are worth following and how to use them as a guide,

  • How important it is to get the best price about a selection (we consistently hit the best price on our selections) - which means that in the long run you have to win,

  • How to ensure that you're not over-betting on a race,

  • How to lock-in profits on a runner without having to lay on an exchange,

  • How punters tend to remember winners and forget the lessons from the losers,

  • How horses breath and why gear changes such as tongue-ties can make a dramatic difference,

  • How using Exotics we can get a better return than the equivalent bet for the WIN - in a like for like - comparison.

And over a longer period, there's bound to be many more lessons that are invaluable to help you become a better punter.

Thanks for that Scone tip (which won subscribers over $800) and in addition thanks for the advice about standouts!!

You would think after punting for so long (i’m 65) I would have realised but it’s taken till I’ve retired and reading your advice that its finally sunk in!!
— Steve - via email 9 Apr 18
I just want to say that I am very appreciative of your making available daily the RB VIP info.

I am impressed with the selections & look forward to continuing to receive them.

Congrats on your initiative & for looking after the interests of your members.
— PA, via email, 28 Mar 18

Our Personal Custom Levels Revealed

One of the most popular and powerful features of RewardBet is the personal Custom Levels that you can setup yourself. 

We show you the ones that we use and how and when they are appropriate to use them against our selections. 

Our Results Recording Methodology

All our selections are available to view on the archive pages.

One thing you'll note is how often we have significant overlays to the starting price - if you continue to get better than starting price, then you have to win in the long run. If you can average > 20% better than SP you'll end up a long term winner. Quite often we are at 100% or more.

Record Results based on daily email

Since mid August 2018, we now record the results based on the price in the daily email. Good shoppers should be able to achieve much better.


Free Giveaways

We have promotions and prizes that we all regularly provide, including additional subscription months and bonus information, especially on our Premium Facebook page. 

Free Month

If you join RewardBet Premium, you also receive a free month access to these selections which is excellent value.