How Does RewardBet Help Me?

Because you deserve a better racing experience, Australian punters now have a new and free way to bet to instantly transform your betting.

You know there are many factors that help make a punter successful:

  • Solid Selections
  • Betting Discipline
  • Bank Management
  • Betting Options Used
  • Betting Confidence
  • Staking Smarts

... to name just a few.  

Our analysis of thousands of races with RewardBet demonstrated how better staking can dramatically improve your returns.

But better staking is only one of the areas where RewardBet helps you - here are seven more ways that RewardBet will create a better betting experience for you, free.


Seven Exclusive Benefits

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1. Create and Place Your Bets Quicker - To 'Get On'

RewardBet® N+1™ is The Worlds Fastest Betting Interface™ as we demonstrate in the video.

Today's punters have much more information to consume where live vision and up-to-the-second price changes can make the difference between finding a winner and backing a loser.

The later you can place your bets, the more opportunity you have to alter your selections due to these last second changes. Only with RewardBet® N+1™, can you place your bets in the minimum clicks.

This provides you with an edge - and edges are what separates good punters from great ones.

How fast is The World's Fastest Betting Interface™? See how RewardBet® N+1™ stacks up to Australia's major bookie sites for the speed of creating your bets professionally.

2. Quickly Adjust Prices To Create Overlays - To Win More

The best punters bet to value to gain an edge on the market. This value can be found by following market ratings or working out your own market preferences.

But, how do you react to those ratings or your market intelligence in a timely and easy fashion? It's not easy and most punters lack the tools and knowledge to do it successfully.

With RewardBet® N+1™you can quickly and easily edit the market prices to create your own overlays - to provide you an edge over the market - and win more. 

Here's an example of how one of our customers won over $6,000 more using this feature.

The EDIT PRICES feature allows you to back your opinion or use ratings to easily and quickly gain an advantage via RewardBet's better staking.

3. Know When You Are 'Over-betting' On A Race - Bet Smarter

It's not in the bookie or TABs interest to tell a punter when they are not betting smart. After all, they make their money from those punters. They are called Mug Punters.

But RewardBet® N+1™ was designed to help punters to bet better. We want you to have the best betting experience possible. 

So we invented our exclusive RewardBet Market Gauge™.

It will guide and inform you when you have too many selections in a race and protect you from over-betting so you have the best chance of being a winner. 

It's exclusive to RewardBet. To help you bet better.

The MARKET GAUGE™ feature is exclusive to RewardBet and helps guide you in your betting for better returns and a longer lasting betting bank.

4. Know How Much You Will Win - Before You Bet!

What is one of the worst experiences when betting? It is probably hitting the winner but being disappointed with your returns. 

There's nothing worse than dreaming of a holiday and only winning a case of beer!

RewardBet® N+1™ is designed to provide you with the best betting experience. And that includes ensuring you are not a disappointed punter.

RewardBet provides estimated returns instantly of what you will receive if you hit the winner. And if you hit 1st and 2nd. And also if you hit 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 

You know your likely returns before you place your bet!

Now you can adjust your bet so you hit that holiday instead of the slab. Only with RewardBet.

                 Estimated Returns Before You Place Your Bets

                 Estimated Returns Before You Place Your Bets

5. Customise Your Betting - How You Deserve To Bet

It's your money. It's your time. But no bookie or TAB offers you any choice in how you bet. You just have to accept what they give you. 

Not any more! RewardBet® N+1™ is for you, the punter, who deserves to have choice in your betting.

RewardBet offers you Custom Levels - so you can create unlimited scenarios to bet the way you want to.

Like only Win betting? No problem. Enjoy a dash of Trifectas with your selections? Easy. Success mixing it up with Exactas against short priced favourites? RewardBet has you covered.

The CUSTOM REWARD LEVEL™ feature is exclusive to RewardBet® and provides every punter the opportunity to use RewardBet as they desire with unlimited personalisation and customisation to win more.

6. Artificial Intelligence - Helps You Balance Risk and Reward

Only RewardBet® N+1™ has an artificial intelligence module that automatically suggests what the best balance of bets is for you based on your selections.

Since successful betting is more than just choosing winners, our AI module examines the risk you are taking with your selections and suggests the most appropriate exclusive Reward Level for you.

You can accept the suggestion or choose your own. As with all things RewardBet, the choice is yours and you are always in complete control.

7. Lay With RewardBet - The Traditional Way

Most punters think of laying a horse as hoping it loses and this is due to mis-communication in the media when Betfair entered the Australian market. 

RewardBet's inventor worked with Betfair's co-founder and they both understood the true meaning of lay - which is 'seeking value'.

So RewardBet has been designed to allow you to lay the way bookies have always understood it - ie: adjust your selections based on your perceived price and their value in the market. 

Using the Edit Prices feature, you can easily adjust the price of the market selections. If you think some runners are wrong 'in the market', you simply adjust their price.

RewardBet will automatically re-calculate all your bets instantly to adjust to your new market. This way, you can extract more value from your opinion.

Lay - the traditional way - with RewardBet® N+1™.