Breaking NEWS: Our RewardBet Premium product launching Jul 24 2018 will allow you to bet with many operators. We are currently integrating TAB .. and then we have Betfair ... and many other corporate bookies!


RewardBet® is NOT a bookmaker or a totalizator (TAB) but an award winning software tool that allows you to place bets with your own bookmaker and/or TAB account.

We only partner with operators that can provide the quality service and products to assist you to have the best betting experience.  



Our premium partner is the Australia bookmaker TopBetta. They provide all the leading features and bet options (plus promotions) of other bookmakers, but most importantly also allow RewardBet customers to bet to the cent (above 50c) - improving your betting experience.

The other significant advantage to TopBetta is that they offer one of the best products in the market - that's their GOAT SP (or Best of the Global Tote Price and the Official Starting Price or Final Fixed Price, if no official SP available).

Your GOAT SP price will always be a competitive one, and never below the Official Starting Price, and often above it!

And just to top it off, TopBetta are Australian, so just like RewardBet, you are supporting Aussie pride and jobs.

We will be offering other operators in the near future, but you currently can do no better in the Australian market than by using TopBetta and RewardBet, with the GOAT SP product.


To link with RewardBet an operator has to provide the following advantages:

 ✅ Provide staking options to optimise returns for RewardBet customers

 ✅ Provide a competitive range of Bet Types

 ✅ Provide a wide range of promotional opportunities

 ✅ Provide quality customer service and other important services

TopBetta is our current premium operator that we have approved to operate with RewardBet. They are Australian based and offer what we think is one of the leading betting products in Australia, the GOAT SP (Best of the Global Tote price and the Official Starting Price) product on WIN bets.

They also provide betting to the cent, above 50c, which is important to improve your returns from RewardBet.  

If you don't have a TopBetta account, then join now in minutes in order to benefit from RewardBet.

TopBetta - combining the best betting product with the market leading GOAT SP product.

Please note that we are investigating adding other operators but they need to be beneficial to our customers.

If you have one you want to see considered to use RewardBet, then contact us at support@rewardbet.com or offer a suggestion here.