As RewardBet® expands to support many more operators, we need to cater for new scenarios.

So we've introduced some exciting new staking options:

Drop Feature - this allows you to select a range of your bets to not-stake. For example, you could eliminate all those trifectas for less than 75 cents which may have a lower chance - and spend more on the higher probability combinations.

Robin-Hood - helps preserve your total stake amount by redistributing your stakes from higher bets to lower bets which may be under the operator's minimum bet amount.

Top-Up - is great for when a few of your bets are below the operator minimum. The addition of a few cents to each bet allows you to preserve RewardBet's proportional staking.

Of course, our famous RewardBet® proportional staking is still available as well as the flexi-option. 

For each race, you can select the appropriate option in the RewardBet Settings area or toggle and select the option from the top of the screen.