RewardBet is free, award-winning betting software that helps you to bet faster and smarter.

 And win more.


Stake Better to Bet Better

RewardBet is designed to emulate the approach that professional punters use to win more. And it's free to use!


Ask Professional Punters

It’s the most professional way to play ... it’s a great product, I’ve used it.
— Nathan Snow, @snowbet - professional punter.

Hear and learn more from Nathan and other professional punters in this RewardBet webinar. 

I certainly recommend the product to professional and recreational punters alike.
— SB - Australian Professional Punter

Ask Wagering Industry Experts

RewardBet ticks all the boxes.
— CEO Wagering, Australian Operator
RewardBet is better than Betfair for the punter and easier to use.
— Racing Industry Director

For Every Punter, Everywhere


Why Use RewardBet?

Thousands of punters have discovered RewardBet already.

(we haven't advertised - so that's amazing)

 Top 10 Benefits

  1. Better Staking equals Better Returns

  2. Faster Betting equals More Opportunity To 'Get On'

  3. Know Your Estimated Returns for Win and Exotics

  4. Exclusive Market Gauge™ Guides Your Betting

  5. Custom Reward Levels means RewardBet's for Everyone

  6. Bookmaker and TAB Independent - Made For You

  7. Artificial Intelligence suggestions - the 'Siri' for Betting

  8. Exclusive 'My Bets' provides All Your Bets in One Place

  9. 'Edit Prices' Feature - Back or Lay how it should be

  10. Australian and Overseas Racing. Plus Sports (Soon)


Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Some say that, but are quickly convinced ... especially when you know that RewardBet was invented by an Internet Betting Pioneer to solve the most important problems punters, like you, face. 

RewardBet has thousands of registrations without any advertising. 

In Australia, that's almost impossible to achieve. With the likes of SportsBet, Bet365, CrownBet, Tab and William Hill - it's very hard to receive any recognition.

You have to be VERY GOOD. And RewardBet is. And getting better - Sports is just around the corner.

And amongst ALL that competition, RewardBet WON the best software product in Australia.

RewardBet is something fresh and exciting. All this and it’s free!
— JC - RewardBet Customer since Aug 2013

Why Is It Free?

RewardBet was developed to help punters, like you, around the world. 

It is only free in Australia, as the inventor wants Aussie punters to have the best experience of enjoying the great Australian Racing Industry.

RewardBet plans to make up for its extensive development costs outside of Australia where it has numerous overseas patents.



How Do I Get RewardBet?

RewardBet is a start-of-the-art Internet site. No downloads required.

All you have to do is join in a few seconds and link your wagering accounts securely. That's it.

And it works across ALL devices. Smartphones, Tablets, PCs - just about any device that can use the Internet.


RewardBet - Betting With The Lot!