Fun Ideas and Innovation

Innovation such as RewardBet® comes from having a diverse range of interests and thinking.

And it's great to take a break from serious racing and sports betting, of course!


This page is a collection of fun and interesting things we come across. It's not racing related, but we know you'll enjoy some of the things we discover.

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Like Bacon? What If Everything Tasted Like Bacon?


We spotted this interesting idea on Shark Tank. I bought 5 bottles - and my 5YO daughter who's a very fussy eater (but loves bacon) loves it too. #vegetarian #lowsalt #lowfat #tasty

And here's 10% off! Check it out ...

Speaking of Bacon? How About KFC?

This is one of the most popular things we've added to our newsletters, so here's the tried and tested (yes, I have) way to make KFC at home!

And for reference, here's the ingredients (click to enlarge).

Passwords - They Are Too Complicated.

This great article explains how you should re-think how you do your passwords. RewardBet doesn't enforce such outdated demands on you as we know better. But still choose wisely.

Good advice: