Betting Confidence and How It Helps You Bet Better

Synopsis: “Inventor of RewardBet, Greg Conroy, writes that when we say RewardBet helps customers “Win More” – it’s not just extra dollars in the pocket you need to consider. There’s something much more important that RewardBet provides …

We say that one of the great benefits of RewardBet is that it returns you “more dividends and more returns”. However, what’s potentially more important than simply the extra dollars in your pocket is the way RewardBet will provide the means for you to change your betting behaviour for the better,  for your lifetime – which to many punters is even more valuable.

Firstly let us examine some of the benefits of using RewardBet.

  1. Extra Returns – The RewardBet Advantage – Since RewardBet places your bets more efficiently, like professionals bet, overall customers will receive more returns as the more fancied combinations are staked to return you more than if you had simply taken standout or flexi fixed/boxed bets.
  2. Bet Speed – All your bets, across every bet type you choose (win, quinella, exacta and trifecta) are created and placed within seconds. This means you have the greatest opportunity to “get on” with the combinations and exact stakes you require.
  3. Last Second Placement – RewardBet allows you to take advantage of the latest market trends and prices to gain a potential edge on customers who are forced to bet earlier than the last few seconds before the race jumps.
  4. Instant Staking Calculations – RewardBet’s proprietary formulae developed by a professional punter, instantly calculates each combination and how much to stake on it to the cent – the only product that allows betting to the exact cent in Australia. 
  5. Easily Manage Returns – RewardBet provides highly accurate estimates of all your exotic returns before the race, as you select your bets. This allows you to easily adjust your stakes to ensure your returns are consistent with the risk you are willing to accept for your selections.
  6. Prevents Over-betting – RewardBet’s exclusive “Market Gauge” is receiving accolades from punters across the country. It instantly warns you when you are potentially “over-betting” on a race by taking too many selections or too many short priced runners.

So there are a plethora of great advantages to using RewardBet – which is the reason it’s award-winning.

However, we think that there’s one special advantage of RewardBet that is more important than all the others combined which goes to the heart of why it’s such a great experience.

Confidence – RewardBet gives you Confidence!

That’s right. The fundamental reason many punters don’t win as much as they should is often psychological. Due to their punting behaviour they can start to lose confidence and that puts pressure on them leading to more poor betting decisions and inevitably this cycle continues sometimes for days, weeks and even years on end.

With consistent returns like this, RewardBet provides you confidence to Bet Better!

With consistent returns like this, RewardBet provides you confidence to Bet Better!

Here’s a classic example which most punters can relate to.

You start the race-day full of confidence. You’ve done your research, you have good information and you are feeling like this will be a great day’s punting. You are betting one horse a race as you are so confident.

The first race, your selection gets blocked for a run and misses out.  The next race your runner gets pipped on the post by a longshot rushing home. The third race, your selection jumps slowly and is wide the whole way, but should have won.

Come the fourth race, your confidence has already taken a battering. You are down a bit, you should be winning … so what do you do? You switch your selection that you were going to back for a win at $4 (which would only put your square for the day) to an each-way bet on your second choice at $10. What happens? Your initial selection romps home by 3 lengths at $4 and your each-way selection just misses a place.

As the day goes on, it generally pans out the same way. This punter starts to get angry– they start to have a few extra drinks to ease the pain, and they throw away the selections and decide to switch strategies. They throw a fair amount of money onto the Quaddie in Race 5, thinking their luck is due to change. Of course they miss the first leg.

They start to take more and more risks as the day goes on, and they end up after the eight races down a lot of money. 

What happened? Well, they never gave themselves a good chance at maintaining their confidence. They took single win bets in the first races, which is really a high risk – all your eggs in one basket – strategy. They looked at their success or failure through their wallets. In fact, they were very good in those first four races and should have stuck with their plan. Because they only took one selection the near misses were amplified through those single selections. If they’d taken two or three or more selections, like professionals and RewardBet customers do, then they have the opportunity to look back on a race and say “well, that was close, all my selections were up there” even if you still didn’t win. By taking multiple selections, the bad-luck and near-misses which happen in every race are less likely to be the focus of your single bet.

So what RewardBet offers through its design is the ability to approach your race-day knowing that you can maintain your confidence. Let us examine how.

  1. RewardBet allows you to take and encourages multiple selections in a race. This is how professionals bet. By taking multiple selections, and heeding our ‘Market Gauge’ to ensure you are not over-betting, you are eliminating the opportunity for an isolated ‘bad-luck’ incident in a race to wipe you out as you have more runners working for you.
  2. RewardBet takes care of the staking side for you. You need to be both a great tipster and also a great staker to profit from race betting. Many people know nothing about how to stake properly nor have the practical tools to do that at the races or at home. RewardBet allows you to stake professionally so all you need to do is concentrate on your selections.
  3. RewardBet warns you of ‘over-betting’. It is very easy when you are not concentrating well to take a few extra selections at short prices as you are desperate to get a win in a race. RewardBet will guide you to when this is not a mathematically sensible decision so that you have the best opportunity to profit from a race.
  4. RewardBet allows you to manage your risk and return. Our target estimates before the race and our Reward Levels allows you to extract the best return from a race that suits the level of confidence you have in your selections. 

As you can see, RewardBet provides you the tools to manage your confidence throughout the day. With confidence, you’ll have much more enjoyment when you are betting and you will make better decisions.

So although RewardBet offers many features to put more dollars in your pocket, we think that one feature is even more important to punters – we provide you with betting confidence!