Lazy Sunday Arvo and RewardBet Delivering $909 More!

No Form. Just Using RewardBet and Following the 'Market Movers'. $909 More to Boot!

No Form. Just Using RewardBet and Following the 'Market Movers'. $909 More to Boot!

The Sunday after the Caulfield Cup 2013 and I was at home having a lazy afternoon. We know that RewardBet is the easiest and most rewarding way for everyone to bet on the races.

We have many professionals using the product as well as the gamut of punters from carnival punters to daily and Saturday regulars.

However, it is most frustrating to see how some people join RewardBet, then have one or two bets and then don't use it again. It is as if they expect instant riches from those first couple of bets.

The reality is that you still need to choose the right horses or dogs, however, using the exclusive tools such as Market Gauge and having access to the estimated returns of all your bets before you place them is something that no other product offers. 

So I thought, I'd spend a few hours and show everyone how easy it is to win with RewardBet if you just bet sensibly and utilise our estimates to stake according to your confidence and expected risk and returns.

The Sunday Betting Results

I decided to use RewardBet for a few hours, without the use of any form or doing any study at all. All I did was bet on almost every race from Bunbury to Hobart and indeed five other meetings in between.

I placed a RewardBet on each race selecting the few runners that I saw had some "market mover" support before the race. That's it!

You can see from the graphic the results for the afternoon. Not bad for a few hours of playing with RewardBet!

See below for all the bets and the RewardBet Bet History. 

(The results are even a little better than presented as there were two races with late scratchings which don't currently show in the "My Bets" history so there are refunds also applying to those races worth about $80).

The RewardBet Advantage

We don't say that this sort of return will happen every day or to everybody. However, that is the return I received from using nothing more than some sensible selections, those favoured in the market and looking for value in my RewardBets.

The exclusive Market Gauge is very important. When I see the Market Gauge is quite low (eg, below 20%) I will generally add another one or two selections to get it above 30%. In these cases, often the Bronze, Silver and Gold Reward Levels are a sensible choice as you'll receive a return if you only get a winner.

When the Market Gauge is near 50% then I'll generally use a Custom Reward Level (which is similar to Platinum the way I have it setup - see our FAQ for details). This is because a higher Market Gauge percentage means that you really require 1st and 2nd at least to get a reasonable return as you already have a fair chunk of the market working for you in your selections.

It's really that easy. Adjusting your Reward Levels according to the estimated return, the Market Gauge and your confidence in the selections you've chosen.

We spoke of how RewardBet helps your confidence in another blog and it is not to be underestimated how much confidence I had as the afternoon progressed. As I kept hitting good returns I found myself making very sensible selections and not chasing losses by taking long-shots or staking too much on short priced favourites. In one race I took a short priced selection as a banker for first and got a great return for the 1-2 combination without having to outlay an excessive amount on the win bet, as many would normally do. 

So it's being sensible with your outlays and thinking smart!

Without RewardBet it would not be possible to bet like this. You would be betting blind as to your returns, you would not be able to instantly change your mix of bet types and, of course, you would not be able to bet to the cent to allow you to benefit from the RewardBet Advantage.

And don't forget all this is done in a few seconds before the race! The RewardBet Advantage during my Sunday session of betting was worth an additional $909 in returns to me, that's 40% more back from using a simple, fast, flexible product that is more fun and easier than any other option.

So the only thing you really have to ask yourself is this: "Can you afford not to be using RewardBet?"