Success is More than Choosing Winners

THERE’S a lot more to be successful “on the punt” than just picking out the winning horses, dogs or sports teams. With so much information available to punters and bookmakers, the gap between professional and recreational gambler is closer than ever before for those prepared to work hard.

Staking is as important as form analysis

Staking is as important as form analysis but is regularly overlooked or rarely considered by most punters.

Most recreational punters don’t have the opportunity to stake their bets correctly, even if they wanted to. They choose nonsensical or simply convenient bet amounts and use flexi and box betting options because of practical convenience and lack of alternative options. 

This is where RewardBet gives you a big advantage over fellow bettors. 

The RewardBet platform is completely free – making it accessible to all punters, not just the select few professionals who can afford to pay for staking programs and programmers.

Using mathematically proven staking methods – focusing on Win, Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta wagers – RewardBet has unique and customisable tools to enhance your betting experience.

The platform provides many features to help customers control their betting and make smarter, reasoned wagering decisions.

An advantage to using RewardBet is the Market Gauge™ tool. Once you have ticked all your selections using the RewardBet platform look at the Market Gauge shown at the bottom of selections screen. If it is red, you should consider stopping, like a traffic light. The larger the market gauge percentage, regardless of colour, the less overall value the race represents as a betting proposition.

It is then up to the bettor to decide whether to no longer bet on the event or change their staking levels/number of selections. On other occasions, a high Market Gauge figure indicates you’ll probably want to target a higher return. 

RewardBet has a number of levels, which can be customised, to assist the decision-making process and maximise returns. These Reward Levels are unique to the platform and are the heart of our simple but powerful betting application.

Reward Levels Make Your Betting Easier

A Reward Level is simply the way we allow you to choose how much of your total stake is bet on which particular bet types across your chosen selections.

The Bronze level will put more of your total stake into the easier bet types, such as win compared to the Diamond level that puts most of your total stake into the trifecta bet type. We estimate the amount you will receive with our target amounts.

A Reward Level is a way for you to translate the confidence you have in your selections into a range of bets based on your total stake.  More confidence and more risk will potentially lead to greater rewards.

RewardBet is designed for smartphones and iPads/tablet devices, (but also works on a PC browser) so you can place your bets quickly and easily even when you are at the track, club, pub or elsewhere.