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Don't Be Fooled. 

Only RewardBet® Can Provide Boosting Power To Your Returns - All Day, Every Day.

Sound Familiar?

"Congratulations, you've got 4 Bet Boosts to use today."

"Here's your extra Power Play on Race 5 at Dapto."

"We will give your Odds a Boost."

"We will Multiply your returns once a day by about 10%."

"Pump up your Price here!"

It's the desperate refrain of a bunch of bookies spruiking the same product to you ...

In marketing, it's referred to as a #lossleader

They hope that you'll use their boosting-power-multiplier-thingo to increase your fixed odds by about 10% and then with a warm glow in your wallet, continue to bet with them for the rest of the day, week and month. 

Just like the three pizzas for the price of two - you can't resist, even though the third pizza ends up in the freezer to be thrown out in a few months time when a new Third Pizza needs the room.

Staking analysis over several lifetimes of betting illustrate the additional returns that RewardBet can provide.

At RewardBet®, we don't need to offer such #lossleading offers as we provide super-dooper-boosting-value-that-multiplies-your-returns ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

We show here, across a lifetime of betting, how RewardBet provides significant (more than 10% - or 1.1 if you use the TAB!) returns across Win, Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta betting.

It's called smarter staking and it's why professionals win and regular punters are scraping around trying to pick up the boost offers like a dog trying to find a bone to nibble on.

And it's not just one race or four - it's every race, every day, every bet type.

Think about it. 

Are you a punting puppy looking for the next bone to be tossed out to you or are you king of the pack, street smart and wise?

RewardBet was invented to help the 95% of punters that make all the same staking mistakes.

Ironically, the 5% of winning professional punters also love it as it emulates their approach.
— Gregory Conroy, RewardBet Inventor
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When it comes to better betting, there's nothing better for your bank than using RewardBet.