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Do you follow Tipster's Staking Advice?

Ditch it and use RewardBet for more profit.

Every day we see Tipsters promoting their success - but all that hard working studying the form and finding winning selections is thrown out the window when it comes to their staking.

Here is a recent example of what should have been a successful Saturday (he tipped 5 winners) turned into a marginal profit because the staking was unprofessional.

Using RewardBet, the Profit increased by 17 TIMES through better staking.

Or to put it into dollars, would you prefer to end the day with $43 profit or $726, through RewardBet?

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Ignoring the suggested staking on each race by this tipster and instead just placing his selections through RewardBet (at 100% WIN Custom Level) is not only the fastest and easiest way to bet, it also returned you 17 TIMES MORE profit on these selections.

These results are not an one-off as we show here, across a lifetime of betting.

RewardBet was invented to help the 95% of punters that make all the same staking mistakes.

Ironically, the 5% of winning professional punters also love it as it emulates their approach.
— Gregory Conroy, RewardBet Inventor

When it comes to better betting, there's nothing better for your bank than using a simple tool such as RewardBet.