Customer Testimonials

The professional approach that RewardBet offers is a winner
— Roman Koz, Australia Racing Author
RewardBet is a great product for the novice or professional punter
— Mark, turned $200 into $17232 in a single RewardBet
I love the product. Such a great tool for the average punter like myself
— JC - email to customer service
RewardBet is great. Easy to use ... makes punting simple and profitable.

The calculations to assist with the correct proportional staking is a “Winner”
— Ed - RewardBet user since 2016
Great product, so simple to use. No longer do I have to place numerous bets that takes time
— VP - email to customer service
RewardBet is my punting tool for life.
— JS, been betting for over 20 years
Rather than betting the place, I’ve realised I’m betting off coupling my selections up in RewardBet
— JC - we think RewardBet's oldest customer at 88!
The most fun I’ve ever had gambling!
— JD - very early RewardBet customer
Thanks for RewardBet, it is making me enjoy my punting again
— PG - email customer service

Professional Reeve Scott* talks about why he uses RewardBet.

"As a full-time professional racing punter for, coming up to 13 years, I am acutely aware of the constant raising of standards in wagering.

As punters create the markets through market support (in all markets including fixed odds but also naturally in all the pari-mutuel betting markets), players are competing with their fellow punters for the value. 

There is a fine line between long term winning and losing which is why serious punters must get the most out of all facets of their game.

For example, their form techniques, their bankroll management, their emotional control, focus and concentration during a betting session, employing optimum staking techniques and importantly, getting the most from any tools available to improve performance.

In the early days of third party Betfair solutions (software to aid in the placement of bets and other more sophisticated wagering techniques) those punters first to use these tools enjoyed a significant advantage on their competition (the other punters).

For punters not using them, it was like heading into battle with one arm tied behind their back.

We are witnessing a similar revolution with the introduction of RewardBet.  I can see it is a fantastic product for recreational punters for a good number of reasons. 

For me though, my interest lies in the serious business of winning long-term through wagering.  I absolutely knew I couldn’t allow those punters I am competing against to be in possession of a tool that gave them the upper-hand over me.

My interest in using this revolutionary product lies in the ability to stake the exotic combinations proportionally to rated prices. 

I can’t emphasise how important this is in the battle to win.  Naturally you still need the right selections so you need to get your form right. 

However, simply by using RewardBet it gives you a vital few lengths head-start on the field.

In wagering, you need to grab every advantage you can with both hands and run with it.  That is what I am doing with RewardBet and you can too."

*Not his real name. Being a professional punter he wanted to use a pseudonym to ensure he maintains his edge over the bookies.

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