The Options section allows control over certain displays and Operator betting options. 

Note that we offer for win:

GOAT - Best of three Totes and TopBetta's Global Tote (low commission tote option) - this is an excellent recommended option when available on your race.

Fixed - The current TopBetta Fixed price.

TOP Tote - Top Tote from NSW, STAB, UBET (this is slightly less attractive than GOAT but still a great option).

MID Tote - This is the Middle Price from NSW, STAB, UBET (often the option on greyhound and harness racing).

Note that SUPERTAB is the only option used with TopBetta for exotics.

We recommend turning ON "Show Selections Populate Control" as it helps with Bankers/Standouts.



Your selected runners and their position for 1st to 3rd are shown so you have total clarity about where you require your selections to finish.


The Bets Preview is important to examine so you know the bets and your total stake (and estimated returns) that will be sent by RewardBet to your linked wagering operator.