Video - Betting 101

The BETTING BASICS (Ep 1) tutorial shows how quick and easy it is to place a bet with RewardBet® from a single selection thru to a complicated multiple banker and standout scenario. It also provides tips on the best options to use with RewardBet®.


The RewardBet® Betting Interface is made for simplicity and just 'getting on'. 

We will explain more later, but your first RewardBet is simple. 

After choosing your race, Step 1 is simply selecting the runners you like. [Note: click on the runner name (green area), not the price].

Step 2 is adjusting your Total Stake amount. Note, this is the total amount you want to outlay on the race.

Step 3 is choosing the Reward Level with the target return that matches your confidence in your selections. You then just confirm and submit your bet. 


RewardBet® has re-invented the way people bet - for the better.

Making it quicker, simpler and smarter and providing you the power and control to win more from your selections.