Video - Reward Levels

The REWARD LEVEL™ feature is exclusive to RewardBet® and provides the smartest and fastest way to stake all your bets for a race, like professional punters, to help you win more. 

The RewardBet Reward Levels™ are the heart and soul of RewardBet® and are simple to understand.  

Every punter has a level of confidence in their selections. They may be choosing randomly or have studied the form.


Confident punters tend to take more risk for greater returns, whereas less confident punters take a safer approach. This plays out in the bet types chosen whether trifectas and other exotics or win and place bets.

What a Reward Level allows you to do is easily distribute your money (total stake) across bet types (win and exotics) in a simple, single choice that mimics how most punters think but don't have the staking smarts to implement easily themselves.

For example, you've picked three horses you like. You may have chosen them based on the colour of the jockey. For you, this is a 'fun bet' so you're not really very confident. Conversely, a professional punter may have chosen, independently, the same three selections.

Our standard Reward Levels™ are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Bronze puts more money into easier options (such as win bets) whereas Diamond puts more money into harder options (such as exactas and trifectas).

So the 'fun bet' punter may choose Bronze that shows an estimated return of $125 for their $50 bet whereas the professional may choose Diamond which shows $600 for the same outlay across the same selections.

Why the difference in returns? It's simply risk vs return. For the same outlay, the Bronze bet puts more money into Win bets which return less verses the Diamond option that bets more on exotics via Exactas and Trifectas.

So Reward Levels are simply a way for you to distribute your stake across the most appropriate bet types to match your confidence. We provide a complete preview of all your bets and allow you total control, across selections, stake, bet types and our smart staking options - to help you win more.