Video - RewardBet® Walk-thru

The overview walk-thru provides a general guide to the RewardBet® screen and the options available to place bets and review your betting plus tips on the best options to use. 

The RewardBet® N+1™ screen has two sections.

The top is what we call 'Fast Betting N+1'. It is the World's Fastest Betting Interface™

The bottom is for those extra details such as bets preview and display options.

Ninety percent of bets are placed just before the race starts. If you want to just 'get on' use the Top Screen - Fast Betting Interface.

According to your preferences, the next race automatically loads. Then just tap the runners you want to include and hit submit. It's that quick!

But RewardBet® is very clever. Your stake amount is populated according to your preferences and our Bet Intelligence™ will also suggest the Reward Level™ for you based on our Market Gauge™. Of course, you can quickly change any of these options - you are always in control with RewardBet®.

For many of your bets, you'll find the Fast Betting Interface sufficient for your needs - meaning extremely quick betting. But every other option is just a scroll away ...