Video - Edit Prices

The EDIT PRICES feature allows you to back your opinion or use ratings to easily and quickly gain an advantage via RewardBet's better staking. 

Successful punting is about backing your opinion. RewardBet powers-up this with our 'Edit Prices' option.

Simply click the price of any runner and change the price. If you follow ratings, then you can use that price as an alternative.

When you change prices, all your bets are recalculated, allowing you to profit more when you are 'right' with overlays.

Note that the estimated returns should be used as a simple guide as they can't calculate your overlays in this situation.

If you are used to laying a horse with a Betting Exchange you can do similar thru RewardBet. So rather than hope the horse 'loses', you simply alter the prices of the runners that you want to back to reflect your opinion of where the market should be. 

This is a much smarter and traditional approach to laying and still allows you to profit from your opinion, whether positive or negative, about a runner.

The extra advantage of this approach is that you can reap potentially more returns from the exotic markets as you are going against market opinion.

See our blog post for an example of a RewardBet punter winning over $6,000 more by using the Edit Prices feature.