Video - Market Gauge

The MARKET GAUGE™ feature is exclusive to RewardBet® and helps guide you in your betting for better returns and a longer lasting betting bank. 

The Market Gauge™ is a representation of the percentage of the 'market' that your betting selections cover (for the win). For example, if you select a runner at $2 then the Market Gauge™ will show 50%. Add another runner priced at $10 and the Market Gauge™ will update to 60%.

As you add more selections (for the win), the Market Gauge™ will increase. You should use the Market Gauge™ as a guide in your betting.

You'll notice a flag and percentage next to the Market Gauge™ which acts like a traffic light: Green, Amber and Red. The higher the Market Gauge™, then the lower your opportunity to profit from the race.

It is possible for the Market Gauge to go past 100% due to the way betting markets function. This is a no-go zone as it makes it impossible to win and the Market Gauge™ will warn you. More power to you!

The Market Gauge™ should be used as an indicator when to stop 'adding selections' - and also as a guide to what Reward Level™ to choose. A low gauge is good for Bronze, Silver and Gold Reward Levels™ whereas a high gauge indicates that taking more risk via Platinum and Diamond Reward Levels™ might be more appropriate.

 If you have a high Market Gauge™ then you should consider removing some selections and/or making one or more selections a banker for 1st in order to reduce your scope and increase your potential returns.