Video - Price Source

The PRICE SOURCE feature is explained in this tutorial. Selecting the right price source can improve your staking and your estimated returns with RewardBet.

RewardBet uses a Price Source to create the professional staking of your bets.

To provide choice, there are many options available.

You can normally settle on your favourite option with rare reason to adjust it - keeping things simple.

We recommend TopBetta Fixed - Betfair WAP (if you are betting close to race start on major races) - TAB Fixed - AverageTote/AAP Prepost in that order. 

TIP: As RewardBet needs prices (your own or from a bookie or tote) to calculate your bets, so choosing an appropriate price source is important if you want your bets and Estimated Returns to be as accurate as possible.

If you are betting some time before the race starts, see if there are “Fixed Odds” (eg, TopBetta, TAB or others) prices available in the Price Source when selecting your runners.

If there are no Fixed Odds Prices available, there may be AAP Pre-post prices, which are the 'morning lines' used in the newspaper. These will generally be a good guide to the chances of each runner and may return you a more reliable estimate than using the the current totalizator prices.

Also choosing “Average Tote” in your price source will generally provide a more reliable source of totalizator prices, rather than an individual tote.

RewardBet uses the runner prices to calculate the target estimates. The more accurate or close to the final market these prices are, the more likely your estimates will correspond to your returns.

Note: Your price source doesn't necessarily correspond to the bet type that RewardBet places. The price source is a way for us to determine accurate estimates of your returns. When you submit a RewardBet it is placed according to the options you have set for win and exotics, independant of price source. Eg, Price Source: TopBetta Fixed. Win Option set to GOAT. Bet placed at GOAT (Best of 3 totes plus Global Tote).