8 Aug 2013 - RewardBet Inventor introducing RewardBet to the world.


Hosted by Champion Picks, we did an online "webinar" or interactive video presentation about RewardBet to hundreds of punters around the world.

In this presentation, the inventor of RewardBet, a pioneer of internet betting, discusses many of the tips that professionals use to win at the races and informs you how you can join them by using the free tools that RewardBet provides.

Note: This webinar refers to Version 1 of RewardBet and there have been many enhancements to RewardBet since then, however the principals and fundamentals haven't changed.

It is worth noting the improvement RewardBet makes to your returns - these are discussed in the video above and we discuss them more here.


26 Feb 2015 - Professionals Discuss Better Betting, Including Exotics

ChampionBets lined up three expert guests with differing backgrounds and opinions on the pro's and cons of the exotics: 

Nathan Snow - NSW thoroughbred pro punter and former bookmaker
Greg Lethe - 25 years and counting as a professional greyhound punter
Greg Conroy - founder and inventor of RewardBet 

NB: The first 5 mins (intro) was missed in the recording.

We present all the slides and the information from the discussion here for you to examine.